Paroles de Wonderful Life par Vanilla Bay (lyrics)

Wonderful Life par Vanilla Bay

I’m my bed, room 34
You called me up you look so sad
So many questions just get dressed and i’ll be waiting
I’ll pick you up, we keep on running out tonight

I can’t deny, you’re who I want to be with under neon lights
Over the highest clouds and colors of the rainbow
Stay with me baby, Sun is coming for us

Maybe I’m feeling something
I want your body closer
Let’s dance tonight and free our minds
We’ll save the world together and make it last forever
Take my hand, get high

Hey baby, tell me something about you
Don’t know how much life is all around you
Close your eyes
Cuz that is all you need sometimes

It’s a wonderful
It’s a wonderful life

  • Titre la chanson : Wonderful Life
  • Par : Vanilla Bay
  • Hashtags populaires : #Wonderful #Life

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