Paroles de Okami: Mother of the Sun par Ruins Of Elysium (lyrics)

Okami: Mother of the Sun – Ruins Of Elysium

Oh children of the sun, heirs of Nippon
Offer your prayers to the mother of us all
Origin of all that’s good
The goddess of the brush
The howling of a spirit fighting darkness itself
Faced trolls and demons, spirits of hell
In her eyes is reflected the beauty of the sun
Because she is the mother
The original one

Diva Amaterasu, hallowed Okami
I heard your tales in the province of Nanami
You who bring light to the homes of your crest
You that bless us with the new-year’s harvest

From the plains of Shinju to Ryoshima coast
Inside the Oni Island, a nine tailed ghost
The fire that burns brighter in her core
Alights our country
Oh, mother of us all

Susanoo fought Orochi
A nine headed beast
Ancestor Shiranui
The bringer of peace

You paint the skies with light
And the path of the heavenly envoy, our majestic
Queen Himiko

Kami yo anata no shiwaza ka?

  • Titre la chanson : Okami: Mother of the Sun
  • Par : Ruins Of Elysium
  • Hashtags populaires : #Okami #Mother #Sun

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