Paroles de Born Dead par Paruza

Born Dead par Paruza

Blind! I didn’t comprehend the war
There were illusions that I’ve never seen
To pass a hypocritic dream, of an unhappy life
Blind! Not even fear I had –
One more moribund in the middle of the crowd
Clamoring for mercy, asking for forgiveness

Frontiers of hatred that life didn’t transpose
Mere daydreams to bring me about
Hope in vain! A false fight! I’m subjected beyond the limit

I try to lift myself and I see the fucking sunlight
Its shine shakes in me
The fury takes me again! A blinding white
The procerus contracted. To the fight!

Nor the old, nor the women, nor the children’ – nobody escapes unhurt!
The petals ate black and the blood doesn’t wash away the untold lies!

When we are born we see the face of a vile person
Yet later on the light shines in the distance (Hold my hate!)
Without faith without the law, without a king, with God, for my country, with my family!
We were always led, victims of sacrifice. My body is in flames. I was born dead!

From hell, I hear a voice! The clamour of an innocent child
But I can’t see his face! Behind the ashes! The diabolic face!
In the kingdom of horror and sorrow a voice follow me
A clamour, a shout
In the name of honor. In the name of glory!
Some things that I don’t comprehend brought me to life
I was born dead!

  • Titre la chanson : Born Dead
  • Par : Paruza
  • Hashtags populaires : #Born #Dead

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